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Fir for a queen, or king, or size matters!

Ok, I am obviously “sold” on bamboo sheets. It was my quest for soft, yet affordable bed sheets that led me to venture into opening up a web based store offering the best in class to others. I wanted to be able to provide exceptional quality combined with moderate pricing and a wide range of sizes and colors. Most brands researched offered king and queen bamboo sheets and nothing else. A few bamboo bedding manufacturers offered a twin size bamboo sheet set, but in white only. That just wasn’t good enough.

Now I love my queen bamboo sheets, but I also have a guest bedroom with a “full”, or as we used to call it a “double” bed. After trying and rejecting many brands for quality or price reasons; we finally came upon a great brand that makes bamboo sheets in extended sizes; and offering all colors in any size too.
We proudly added our Bed Voyage line to cover our prerequisites of moderate pricing and a great variety of sizes in their sheets sets. We can now outfit Twin, XL Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split king beds in super soft, beautifully draping bamboo sheets.
In addition, your queen bamboo sheets as well as your kid’s twin size, or your guestroom’s full size sheets are now available in a wide range of colors. Specifically any size sheet set in the Bed Voyage line is offered these colors:
If finding the right size and color was a problem before – problem solved! Treat yourself, your family, and guests to a softer, safer sleep experience at a moderate cost. Don’t try just any bamboo sheets, try a well-known quality product like Bed Voyage and be assured of a superior product.

Soft Summer Sleep on Cool Bamboo Sheet Sets

After a trip to the peach orchard this past weekend, I spent the day peeling and preparing peaches for freezing and canning. Peeling a peach brought to mind many summers of getting too sunburned (we didn’t have sun screen in the old days!) with the result of our own skin peeling like the skin off a peach! I remember the discomfort of lying on that tender skin and trying to sleep. It was not fun. Cool and soft bamboo sheet sets sure would have been welcome then!

Today we have both; sunscreen and soft, soothing, cooling bamboo sheet sets. Like the internet, how did we get along without ‘em?! We could probably live fine without a lot of modern day conveniences and products, but since they are available, we may as well enjoy them.

Although bamboo fiber products such as bamboo sheets ( have an amazing list of beneficial properties, their amazing coolness is one of my favorites. Why is bamboo fabric so cool? Without getting to technical, it has to do with the microscopic shape of the actual fiber, which is round and has less scratchy surface area to irritate our skin. As such, it is a particularly great fabric babies, (yes they come in crib sheet size!) the elderly or anyone with skin sensitivities.

Whether you’re sunburned, have sensitive, delicate skin, or just enjoy cozying up in softness, bamboo sheet sets may be just the thing for you. And while you’re out there this summer; don’t forget the sunscreen!

Organic bamboo sheets or cotton?

Most of us want the best and safest products in our home. Certainly we want the best in the sheets we sleep on. Organic bamboo sheets offer so much more than just superior softness.
Consider the fact that bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial property called bamboo kun. This anti-microbial property is retained in bamboo fabrics that are used for your organic bamboo sheets for an added health benefit.
Bamboo fabric is also thermal regulating and moisture-wicking. Organic bamboo sheets will be far more breathable than their cotton counterparts. Between the anti-bacterial properties, and the superior “breathability” of bamboo sheets, you can expect sheets that are also mildew and odor resistant.
Bamboo’s other distinct advantage to cotton is an ecological one. Bamboo does not require the extensive irrigation needed to grow cotton. Aside from water, there are the resources required to get the water to the fields. All of earth’s resources are limited, so the less used in the manufacture of products for our homes, the better.
In the long run, choosing to utilize a more sustainable resource such as bamboo is a choice our children can live with. In addition to being safer and more comfortable to us, organic bamboo sheets are the best choice for mother earth too.

Bamboo Fiber Sheets Between the Seasons

The days still feel summer-like, but with the cool evenings of fall in the air, we are mostly in between seasons and breathing a sigh of relief from those dog days of summer!

As we transition from one season to another we are reminded of the versatility of bamboo fiber sheets. They are great in the summer due to their thermal-regulating and moisture wicking properties, and great in the cool months for the same reasons. Bamboo fiber sheets are made of a remarkable fabric! Add to that the silky soft feel as you slide into bed, and you have a winner between the sheets, and between seasons!

As popularity grows, bamboo fiber sheets are becoming available in more sizes and colors. At one time it was possible to get only king or queen sizes. Now, however, they come in every size imaginable from twin, twin XL and full to California king and split king. Color availability has grown exponentially as well. From pure white and shades of ivory and hemp, to bright berry, copper and black pearl; a rainbow of choices are yours. Some brands have as many as 14 color choices.

Between the comfort level, size assortment, and beautiful color choice, bamboo fiber sheets are a sure bet for summer to fall and beyond!

Shades of Fall and Silky-Soft Bamboo Sheet Sets

We decided to delay our trip back home to Florida to enjoy the beautiful fall weather at our Kentucky cabin. As the leaves are turning the glorious shades of autumn, and now starting to fall, I am reminded how, as kids, we would jump into huge piles of fallen leaves.

Now days, however, I prefer to jump into a bed of silky-soft soft bamboo sheets and blankets. Since it is the time of year for changing colors, I often change up my bamboo sheet sets in autumn as well. Sometimes simple changes like a splash of new color give one a new lease on life.

With the variety of colors available in bamboo bedding today, that is no problem. Some prefer to stick with neutral color bamboo sheet sets and change up their top of bed. A good choice is a reversible bamboo duvet cover. For a moderate investment, you can get two colors in one duvet and change it up at will. My pick for my autumn change-up is the cayenne and champagne duvet cover. For a brighter look, go for the cayenne side, or for a more subtle look for your room, flip it to the warm and rich champagne side.

Another moderate way to give your bedroom a new look is try some mix and match sheets in contrasting or coordinating colors. You can change only your top sheet and pillowcase color to get a whole new feel to your sleep environment. Bamboo sheet sets all have coordinating or matching accessories like duvet covers or quilted bamboo coverlets and shams. So your change can be as small as a new set of shams, or a whole bedding ensemble.

This autumn, try falling into the soft surroundings of bamboo, and have sweet dreams whatever your color choice.

Best Bamboo Sheets; a Summer Rerun

It’s been a busy summer and we are doing a summer rerun of our “Benefits of Bamboo” series. The following was number three in the series.

The best news for our planet is that your best bamboo sheets are made from a renewable resource. Bamboo thrives without irrigation, pesticides, and fertilizers.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the antimicrobial quality (bamboo kun) in bamboo discourages pests and enables bamboo plants to thrive without pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo plants are naturally organic! It grows like a weed. This gives it a big eco advantage over cotton, which requires the extensive use of pesticides and irrigation.

In fact it tolerates extremes of drought and drowning and produces 40% more oxygen than a hardwood forest on the same amount of land as well as playing an important role by maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because of its widespread root system and large canopy, bamboo greatly reduces rain run-off, which helps prevent soil erosion.

Bamboo also helps mitigate water pollution because of its high nitrogen consumption. This is a great solution for the uptake of waste water from manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.

But enough with the science: in a nutshell a stand of bamboo requires little and gives a lot. When you crawl into your soft and silky best bamboo sheets, you can sleep sound knowing they are not just comfortable, but more earth-friendly than any other fabrics.

What is moisture-wicking & thermo regulating and why is it good?

The list of benefits of bamboo fiber sheets is a long one. (Eco-friendly, renewable resource, organic, anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, moisture-wicking, thermo regulating…) In this blog we’ll look at the sweat factor! As one who suffers from “night sweats”, I am all over the thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking benefits of bamboo.

Some sweat more than others, but we all sweat; it is our body’s way of cooling us down. Having night sweats or trying to sleep on a really hot summer night can be miserable. Traditionally natural fibers like cotton have been better than synthetic fabrics for excessive sweaters because they breathe better. But where cotton falls short is it retains the excessive moisture that doesn’t evaporate from the skin. Bamboo fabric however, actually “wicks away moisture”. How does that work? Just like a candle draw wax up to the flame, bamboo fiber pulls moisture from the body to the exterior where it can evaporate.

Moisture-wicking bamboo fiber sheets actually help transfer heat away from the body. So far so good for added sleep advantage number one. Now what the heck is thermo regulating and why is it an advantage?

Bamboo fiber contains millions of micro-gaps, which provide excellent ventilation and makes it much more breathable than fine cotton; meaning you stay cooler and more comfortable in summer. In the winter, bamboo fabric will warm you up quickly but at the same time allowing more air between the fabric and your skin, preventing overheating.

Sleep well; winter may still be here, but bamboo fiber sheets just may make the wait for spring more comfortable too!

Discount the threadcount

Are you are tired of paying high prices for high thread-count cotton sheets, only to find them stiff and scratchy? We finally gave up and switched – to bamboo sheets.

What a difference! You can discount the thread-count at last; it simply is not relevant to luxury bamboo sheets. The nature of bamboo viscose fabrics is its incredible drape and soft touch. The softness and comfort only increase with each washing.

When luxury bamboo sheets first appeared on the market, the color choices were very limited. Price too was limited – as in very high. As more, and better manufacturers began offering bamboo sheets, so too the incredible variety in color, quality and price.

You can reasonably expect to pay just over $100 & up to $300 for a quality set of luxury bamboo sheets. Sure there are less expensive sets out there, but buyer, beware! Some things we found with inferior bamboo sheets were pilling, seams coming apart, irregular stitching & off-sizing. If it is comfort, quality and luxury you want, you are well advised to be leery of bargain basement sheets of any kind.

We love the great color palette offered by the better bamboo sheet makers today. Luxury bamboo sheets come in colors ranging from cayenne, and copper, to platinum, plum, and berry. If you favor lighter neutral colors, the varying shades of white, ivory, ecru, and champagne will be sure to please.

Bamboo – it’s what we’re sleeping on!