Soft Summer Sleep on Cool Bamboo Sheet Sets

After a trip to the peach orchard this past weekend, I spent the day peeling and preparing peaches for freezing and canning. Peeling a peach brought to mind many summers of getting too sunburned (we didn’t have sun screen in the old days!) with the result of our own skin peeling like the skin off a peach! I remember the discomfort of lying on that tender skin and trying to sleep. It was not fun. Cool and soft bamboo sheet sets sure would have been welcome then!

Today we have both; sunscreen and soft, soothing, cooling bamboo sheet sets. Like the internet, how did we get along without ‘em?! We could probably live fine without a lot of modern day conveniences and products, but since they are available, we may as well enjoy them.

Although bamboo fiber products such as bamboo sheets ( have an amazing list of beneficial properties, their amazing coolness is one of my favorites. Why is bamboo fabric so cool? Without getting to technical, it has to do with the microscopic shape of the actual fiber, which is round and has less scratchy surface area to irritate our skin. As such, it is a particularly great fabric babies, (yes they come in crib sheet size!) the elderly or anyone with skin sensitivities.

Whether you’re sunburned, have sensitive, delicate skin, or just enjoy cozying up in softness, bamboo sheet sets may be just the thing for you. And while you’re out there this summer; don’t forget the sunscreen!