Month: February 2018

Organic bamboo sheets or cotton?

Most of us want the best and safest products in our home. Certainly we want the best in the sheets we sleep on. Organic bamboo sheets offer so much more than just superior softness.
Consider the fact that bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial property called bamboo kun. This anti-microbial property is retained in bamboo fabrics that are used for your organic bamboo sheets for an added health benefit.
Bamboo fabric is also thermal regulating and moisture-wicking. Organic bamboo sheets will be far more breathable than their cotton counterparts. Between the anti-bacterial properties, and the superior “breathability” of bamboo sheets, you can expect sheets that are also mildew and odor resistant.
Bamboo’s other distinct advantage to cotton is an ecological one. Bamboo does not require the extensive irrigation needed to grow cotton. Aside from water, there are the resources required to get the water to the fields. All of earth’s resources are limited, so the less used in the manufacture of products for our homes, the better.
In the long run, choosing to utilize a more sustainable resource such as bamboo is a choice our children can live with. In addition to being safer and more comfortable to us, organic bamboo sheets are the best choice for mother earth too.