Best Bamboo Sheets; a Summer Rerun

It’s been a busy summer and we are doing a summer rerun of our “Benefits of Bamboo” series. The following was number three in the series.

The best news for our planet is that your best bamboo sheets are made from a renewable resource. Bamboo thrives without irrigation, pesticides, and fertilizers.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the antimicrobial quality (bamboo kun) in bamboo discourages pests and enables bamboo plants to thrive without pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo plants are naturally organic! It grows like a weed. This gives it a big eco advantage over cotton, which requires the extensive use of pesticides and irrigation.

In fact it tolerates extremes of drought and drowning and produces 40% more oxygen than a hardwood forest on the same amount of land as well as playing an important role by maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because of its widespread root system and large canopy, bamboo greatly reduces rain run-off, which helps prevent soil erosion.

Bamboo also helps mitigate water pollution because of its high nitrogen consumption. This is a great solution for the uptake of waste water from manufacturing, livestock farming and sewage treatment.

But enough with the science: in a nutshell a stand of bamboo requires little and gives a lot. When you crawl into your soft and silky best bamboo sheets, you can sleep sound knowing they are not just comfortable, but more earth-friendly than any other fabrics.