What is moisture-wicking & thermo regulating and why is it good?

The list of benefits of bamboo fiber sheets is a long one. (Eco-friendly, renewable resource, organic, anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, moisture-wicking, thermo regulating…) In this blog we’ll look at the sweat factor! As one who suffers from “night sweats”, I am all over the thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking benefits of bamboo.

Some sweat more than others, but we all sweat; it is our body’s way of cooling us down. Having night sweats or trying to sleep on a really hot summer night can be miserable. Traditionally natural fibers like cotton have been better than synthetic fabrics for excessive sweaters because they breathe better. But where cotton falls short is it retains the excessive moisture that doesn’t evaporate from the skin. Bamboo fabric however, actually “wicks away moisture”. How does that work? Just like a candle draw wax up to the flame, bamboo fiber pulls moisture from the body to the exterior where it can evaporate.

Moisture-wicking bamboo fiber sheets actually help transfer heat away from the body. So far so good for added sleep advantage number one. Now what the heck is thermo regulating and why is it an advantage?

Bamboo fiber contains millions of micro-gaps, which provide excellent ventilation and makes it much more breathable than fine cotton; meaning you stay cooler and more comfortable in summer. In the winter, bamboo fabric will warm you up quickly but at the same time allowing more air between the fabric and your skin, preventing overheating.

Sleep well; winter may still be here, but bamboo fiber sheets just may make the wait for spring more comfortable too!